1. Make a connection to the receiver through an ftp client (f.e. FileZila, Samba) (User: root, no password)

2. Upload the files in the appropriate folders !

The files  /var/bin/octagon.sh40 and /var/etc/ have to own the rights 755 ! (chmod755)

3. Now you have to edit the file /var/keys/CCcam.cfg ! 

Please enter your CCam server there !

You can enter 10 lines !

4. The box should be rebooted now.

With the key sequence --> menu-->red => you can start the Camd through the remote control 

With the key sequence --> menu-->blue => you can stop the Camd through the remote control 

Because of unknown reasons it can happen, that on some HD channels just the audio is encrypted and that there is no picture.

In that case you can help yourself by switching the language with the yellow button!!


Pls change internal card reader OFF, menu - cas : 1018 pin 

By now you can  install and run only one softcam on the box !!!

If you have installed more cams, you have to change only /var/etc/