HD Glass 11
DM 800 - DM 8000 Skins

- added for all main menus alpha transparency animation
- added picon of satellite
- enhanced config plugin - enable/disable rolling text, picon channel, picon 
  providers and menu animation, picon satellite and position of picon satellite 
  ( left/right)
- all effects working only with selected skin HD Glass 10
- changed Channel selection screen - added 4 picons - fourth picon varies 
  according to the currently selected channel in list channels - is animated

scannig paths are: /usr/share/enigma2/, /media/cf/, /media/sda1/, /media/usb/
names of directories: picon, piconProv, piconSat
for menu effect is necessary delete the file menu.py 
and overwrite menu.pyc with the file menu.pyc of skin pack

versions : CVS + Gemini 4.5
Thx to shamann.