PKT Mod 4.7 TDT rev1721 SoftUSB2-Ext3/SoftUSB2-FAT

Enigma2 Team Ducktales Build rev1721 of 15/11/2009 Points Mod 4.7

E2 @ rev1721 Kathrein HD UFS910

Image is designed to be installed on a pendrive or hard sata

E2 changes compared to version 1575:

Submitted by TDT:

Pace & implement a function for the SWTS-based playback
+ Add missing proc file
+ Set as default evremote2
+ Tuner2 cam and handling (trial version)
+ Separating individual driver code into the kernel modules
+ Splitted all the tuner and your controller
+ Libeplayer2 http streaming MP4
+ Player131 hopefully fix the problem of sound
+ Added runtime detection mp4
+ Vob/m2ts only sending pts on keyframes, this might lead to mutch smoother playback
+ Added the m2ts extension plugin mediaplayer
+ Default player switch 76 -> 131
+ Fixed mute on channel change
+ Fix error yellow button menu
+ Tuxtxt enable exiting using txt ***
+ Reaenable page up and down ***, also enable the menu ***
+ Set Downmix on / off on the fly
+ Enhanced tuxtxt config
Video + some fixes
+ Updated patch network nits, this MIGHT have better nfs performance.
+ Slightly improved stability [? Polsat HD

Submitted by PKT:

+ Reconfiguration homes [lnych ustawieD
+ Set houses [Default skin blackGlass-HD
+ Added tools? Activity monitoring HDD temperature
+ Added Infocenter Points (Menu-> Inforcmacja-> Inf a tuner)
+ New mountmanager v0.7.0 (dynamically detect the device? Device to be fitted)
+ Replace? Restart the tuner, enhanced by the restart after updating a GUI kanaBow
+ Patch for mounting cifs
+ Fix startup wizard
+ Updated list kanaBów 02.12.09
+ Updated media center
+ Updated media player
+ Update font -> V7
+ Updated Spiner
+ Update system files
+ Added plugin to change Spiner
+ O [Viewing seven days a week by choice j? Language in skinach
+ Added support for SWTS with MenuBP (houses [by default selection? Included)
+ ObsBuga AutoBackup for autorestore mini-installer EXT3
+ Fix for dynamic menus
+ Updated skins
+ Update server
+ UzupeBniono tBumaczenia
+ Added synchro? time through the NTP server
+ Added installation? Test Plug
+ Updated skins
+ Improved stability [? PolsatuHD

Points recommends selection? Combination of AC-3, in some cases for better stability [s