France TV to restructure France 3
Pascale Paoli Lebailly

French PSB group France Télévisions has explained how it intends to restructure its publicly-supported France 3 regional and local output.

The general idea is to improve the channel's output with greater flexibilty and what the broadcaster describers as ‘reactiveness'.

24 new regional offices are to be created and expected to bring news reports and initiate new programmes. They will supplement France 3's existing regional news offices and will be supervised by four regional bureaux that are being set up in Bordeaux, Rennes, Strasburg and Marseille.

The reform plans state that the existing 101 local and regional complementary bureaux will be maintained.

Out of France Télévisions's 9,000 employees, 3,600 are working outside the central Paris region.

Until now, France 3 was organized horizontally with 13 regional directions looking after local interests.

The shift towards 24 ‘proximity' offices managed by 4 directorates would not lead to any job cuts, the broadcaster stressed.

Such organization will also allow the creation of 24 proximity web TV centres that will aggregate local news reports, services and UGC.