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Thread: SRT 4622XII Bin Upgrade

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    SRT 4622XII Bin Upgrade

    I upgraded to the latest STB patch 139p, but still unable to get the $$$ channels to work on Hotbird or Nilesat. I have also tried to do a Blind Scan but still no luck. I have also tried to turn on and turn off the patch by using channel 6969.

    Is there anything else that needs to be done. I do not have a card.

    I have the following hardware info:
    Model: SRT 4622XII
    S/W Version: 1.39p (Nov 26 2009)
    H/W Version: 1.00
    Boot Version: 2.02 (0b:54)
    CH Version: AUG 24 2009


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    Re: SRT 4622XII Bin Upgrade

    load softcam.key from usb

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    Re: SRT 4622XII Bin Upgrade

    sir pls can u help me with the patch software of srt4622x11?

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