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Thread: a couple of problems

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    a couple of problems

    i have a couple of problems, firstly ive been trying to upload a file with a post but when i try it says please wait to upload but then just gets stuck and wont finish, ive tried a few times but its still the same. the file is a rar file of 15.3mb in size. secondly because i cant post the file ive tried to send i pm to a member with instructions of which site i got the file but when i sent the message the web address was censored with these******* why is this?, i thought it was a private message!! thanks

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    Re: a couple of problems

    hi mdt . the upload center " ULC " don't accepte rar file or compressed .exe file . he is accepte only zip file
    but in section you can upload rar or zip no probleme
    if is possible can you pls hso us screen shout of message do you have when you try to upload file

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    Re: a couple of problems

    hi tunimax, it says "your submission could not be processed because a security token was missing". i also changed the file into a zip file but it still gave me the same result, im just trying to upload the latest version of the saidia-sat server!,thanks

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    Re: a couple of problems

    Hi mdt,

    Your browser should send a security token which is in our code to see if your request is really made on this website. If your browser does not send this token there must be something wrong with your browser or settings. Try uploading with the default browser settings or try a different browser.

    Kindest Regards,

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