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Thread: OSCAM Loader + OSCAM Cygwin (Windows) (OSCAM revision 517)

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    OSCAM Loader + OSCAM Cygwin (Windows) (OSCAM revision 517)

    - We Oscam_Loader.exe
    OSCAM the original boot loader, if any, is automatically the 3 configuration files in the subfolder "OSCAM"
    Of course, if these have already been created, the data will be overwritten without reading.

    - Start trayicon right - shows there are two areas to monitor and settings.
    The monitor returns us to the console OSCAM, in the settings we can change the basic configuration of the OSCAM.
    OSCAM obviously has many features that you can find here / svn / OSCAM / trunk / distribution / doc / txt /

    I raised the key then, if someone can jump a few advanced parameters at the 3 add files to do so quietly
    are not overwritten, the loader changes, taxes, and only maintained its parameters, leaving the rest as it is.

    - Make the basic settings we do connect with the right mouse button - in connection to ... and take a look at the console to see if everything is ok boun

    - Notes:

    OSCAM loader creates a log file "oscam_loader.log", as is the personal oscam.exe log format Unix, I thought it was just PiÓ
    consult directly with Notepad.

    OSCAM will build from the supercharger, which is compiled with 1.7 cygwin, the source will have some changes, optimized and / or by me to work with the loader.

    Subfolder OSCAM "there are files in the cygwin build OSCAM, promises for those who want to quietly and without the loader.

    - Simplified the settings of the configuration files is OSCAM
    - Added a status bar for a brief description of the settings
    - Added creation of log-in DOS format in the root OSCAM Loader
    - Some small improvements-General

    v.0.1.0 earliest version of the loader

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    Re: OSCAM Loader + OSCAM Cygwin (Windows) (OSCAM revision 517)

    Oscam Loader v0.1.4 - Oscam svn716 Cygwin 1.7

    - Added the ability to create files in language.ini and language_info.txt subdir "lang"
    - Added Info tab to the intro to OSCAM Loader
    - Added the ability to set a CAID any addition to the 2 default
    - Fixed error "out of memory" has improved the memory usage

    THx katarro

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