Ruckus Wireless wins multicast conversion patents

Ruckus Wireless has been awarded patents from both the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the European Patent Office (EPO) for a technology which converts multicast transmissions to unicast.

The company adds that multicast-to-unicast conversion is "essential" for 802.11 networks in providing more reliable transmissions and more predictable performance for loss- and delay-sensitive multimedia applications, including voice, video and data.

By converting multicast or broadcast packets into one or more unicast packets, as described in the Ruckus patent, WiFi systems can leverage the powerful 802.11 acknowledgement feedback mechanism, helping to achieve extremely low packet loss rates for multicast traffic while increasing the number of multicast streams that the system can reliably transport.

"This patent fundamentally improves the quality of service that can be delivered over WiFi networks," said Bill Kish, CTO, co-founder and one of the named inventors of the technology at Ruckus Wireless. "New applications for Wi-Fi are quickly appearing as performance and reliability increase. There is incredible demand for wireless that is as reliable as a wire. Ruckus is taking it there."