End-2009 IPTV subs total exceeds forecast

The number of IPTV subscribers worldwide at the end of 2009 has exceeded previous forecasts by 2mn, according to Multimedia Research Group (MRG), which has revised its predictions and now believes the worldwide subscriber base will grow from 28mn in 2009 to 83mn in 2013, giving a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 31%.

Europe is expected to continue leading the market in terms of IPTV deployments in 2013 with a 48% share, followed by Asia, North America and the Rest of World regions. "Now that the economy seems to be improving, and service providers are still reporting solid growth, this Fall edition has adjusted the forecast accordingly," said Jose Alvear, IPTV Analyst at MRG. "This was done in response to the better-than-expected growth exhibited by the major service providers around the world in 2009."

Total revenue from IPTV services in 2013 is predicted to reach US$ 38mn, also up sharply from the previous forecast, according to MRG. "Consumers are beginning to understand the advantages of IPTV," added Gary Schultz, President of MRG. "Simultaneously, IPTV operators are facing more competition, driving rapid investment in both infrastructure and new services."