Cartoon Network admits OFCOM breaches

Cartoon Network and sister station Boomerang have fallen foul of Ofcom's rules and regs regarding the nutritional value of foodstuffs during kids programming.

The breaches cover Turner Broadcasting's transmissions to Spain, where "there are no rules in Spain equivalent to Ofcom's ‘High in Fat, Salt or Sugar' (HFSS) rules and therefore the classification of these food products has been harder to undertake in Spain than in the UK." Turner added that there had been a "misunderstanding in its Spanish team in respect of more day-to-day food products". Turner said that it is undertaking a training programme as a matter of urgency.

The products concerned were Nesquik, Haribo and Choco Krispies. Turner admitted that the nutritional profile of the products featured in the sponsorship credits meant that they fell into the category of HFSS products.

Ofcom, in a statement, said it is concerned that Turner appears to have had insufficient procedures in place to ensure compliance with Rule 9.3 of the Code and Rule 4.2.1(b) of the Rules on the Scheduling of Television Advertisements. "In light of this, Ofcom is requiring the broadcaster to attend a meeting to discuss its compliance processes and procedures. Further, Ofcom is putting the licensee on notice that any further breaches of Rule 9.3 and Rule 4.2.1(b) of the Rules on the Scheduling of Television Advertisements will be taken extremely seriously and in such circumstances Ofcom may consider further regulatory action."