Portugal has 731,000 fibred homes

Fibre optic cable is making progress in Portugal.

According to a report made by the Autoridade Nacional de Comunicaš˘es (ANACOM) -an official organization for the implementation of telecommunications in Portugal- at the and of last September there were 731,000 homes connected to fibre optic-delivered broadband.

At the same time the number of homes with access to EuroDOCSIS network 3.0 -the standard used by the cable operators for the distribution of their high speed services- topped 1.7 million.

The study says ZON continues as the operator with more clients connected to high speed services, followed by Sonecom who is the operator with more clients supplied with fibre optic connections.

Finally, the high speed access are mainly concentrated in the regions of Lisbon, the Portuguese capital, and Norte the Northern region of the country.