EPGImport v07 for UFS 910

What's new
* Several control functions build in
* EPG.DAT.GZ file is now downloaded in /tmp, so if problems with you version of flash or ba occure, there is no problem with memory.
* controle build if .txt exist
* If all folders are existing then the installation of your epg.dat will be done.
* epg data for : Tv-vlaanderen / Canal + NL / Sky Uk / Sky Italia / Csat / Télésat / Nordic / ExYu

here the info :

1. Unrar the file
place the folder EPGImport into :

In this folder there are 3 files ! they must stay in this folder (EPGImport)

2. restart your kathrein
after restarting your kathrein the plugin will be enabled in the plugin list.

3. change the download url for epg data
In the folder :
you will find the file :

In this file you will find 7 url's where you can download ready to use epg.dat files.

You uncomment the url you want by deleting the # sign before the Url parameter.
Standard the first Url is activated.
only ONE Url can and must be active.

4. activate the plugin
Now we start the plugin.
go to :
---> en click on : EPGImport v0.7

You will see the spinner for max 10-15 seconds and your box will restart.
Restarting is necessary in E2 for kathrein in order to manage the epg data.

5. Check the epg content.
Now you have epg on the channels you want (providers are listed in the EPGImport.txt)

after a reboot with E2 images of AAF, wait over 1 minut before doing stuff in the menu.
This is because after you have image the rest of the plugins is loaded.

THX SatMann