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Thread: dreambox 600 with existing sky dish

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    dreambox 600 with existing sky dish

    Hi all,

    I have recently moved into a new house which has a WNC Universal quad lnb satellite dish (south facing) connected, there is no receiver but I am thinking of getting a Dreambox 600 and was wondering if I would be able to cardshare using this dish or do I need to get another dish (motorised or other)?

    I have read all necessary guides and tutorials and am pretty confident with learning the dreambox, plus I work in Media and have a IT background so am fine with Networking and loading software/firmware etc.

    The only thing I have not done before is install a satellite dish and have been reading tutorials and guides and can see it is a very complicated process. So ideally would like to avoid this if I can use the existing WNC Universal quad lnb satellite dish which is already set up and 2 cables are in the sockets next to my TV.

    Many people on the forums have mentioned using a motorized dish, from what I understand this is good for picking up multiple satellites using one receiver, which I may consider doing at a later stage once I have set my dreambox up and have it working for the basic level. At the moment I am only interested in cardshare and loading images and want to know if I can do this with my current satellite set up.

    I presume my dish is pointed at Astra2 (28.2E), but cannot be certain as I am not sure how to check this - if anyone can show me an easy way to this I would appreciate it. The dish is secured to the wall quite high up and is south facing, I am able to get access to it which is how I managed to get the detials - WNC Universal quad lnb, the dish is black mesh but doesnt have a name, well at least I can't see one.

    I have got Klona's guide and have read through it so will use this to get my dreambox up and running.

    If my current satellite dish is pointing to Astra2 (28.2E) I understand I will only be able to get FTA channels that SKY offer UNLESS (keeping within forum rules, therefore not mentioning specifics) I use a cardshare or load images to the dreambox, is this correct? If this set up is not sufficient which dish set up would you recomend? I know there is a lot more I can do with the dreambox but am still trying to learn how I can use it to its full potential using guides and tutorials.

    If there are any distributors that are willing to help, I will be happy to buy my necessary equipment from you, this includes the actual dreambox, please get in touch.

    Any advice/help will be much appreciated.

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    Re: dreambox 600 with existing sky dish

    welcome to the forum m8!,well basically you have got it all correct!, unless you put a meter on the dish you wont know what bird it is "looking at" but as you say its a quad lnb with twin shotgun cable so its 99.99% that its a leftover from a sky plus install. have a look on the net for a dm600 clone or original and make your choice but as you probably know already stay away from ***servers. theres plenty of help around just use the forums and google and you wont go far wrong.,id recommend to have a look in the dealer directory on this forum and in the future if you decide to get a motorised system and dont want to install it yourself make sure the installer is c.a.i. accredited as there is alot of cowboys crawling out of the woodwork due to the digital switchover,good luck!

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