Hi all,

I have recently moved into a new house which has a WNC Universal quad lnb satellite dish (south facing) connected, there is no receiver but I am thinking of getting a Dreambox 600 and was wondering if I would be able to cardshare using this dish or do I need to get another dish (motorised or other)?

I have read all necessary guides and tutorials and am pretty confident with learning the dreambox, plus I work in Media and have a IT background so am fine with Networking and loading software/firmware etc.

The only thing I have not done before is install a satellite dish and have been reading tutorials and guides and can see it is a very complicated process. So ideally would like to avoid this if I can use the existing WNC Universal quad lnb satellite dish which is already set up and 2 cables are in the sockets next to my TV.

Many people on the forums have mentioned using a motorized dish, from what I understand this is good for picking up multiple satellites using one receiver, which I may consider doing at a later stage once I have set my dreambox up and have it working for the basic level. At the moment I am only interested in cardshare and loading images and want to know if I can do this with my current satellite set up.

I presume my dish is pointed at Astra2 (28.2E), but cannot be certain as I am not sure how to check this - if anyone can show me an easy way to this I would appreciate it. The dish is secured to the wall quite high up and is south facing, I am able to get access to it which is how I managed to get the detials - WNC Universal quad lnb, the dish is black mesh but doesnt have a name, well at least I can't see one.

I have got Klona's guide and have read through it so will use this to get my dreambox up and running.

If my current satellite dish is pointing to Astra2 (28.2E) I understand I will only be able to get FTA channels that SKY offer UNLESS (keeping within forum rules, therefore not mentioning specifics) I use a cardshare or load images to the dreambox, is this correct? If this set up is not sufficient which dish set up would you recomend? I know there is a lot more I can do with the dreambox but am still trying to learn how I can use it to its full potential using guides and tutorials.

If there are any distributors that are willing to help, I will be happy to buy my necessary equipment from you, this includes the actual dreambox, please get in touch.

Any advice/help will be much appreciated.