Chunghwa reduces MOD forecast

Taiwanese telco Chunghwa Telecom has reduced its forecast for the number of subscribers to its IPTV service 'Multimedia on Demand' (MOD), and now expects that it will reach 700,000 customers by the end of this year and 1mn by the end of 2010, compared to its previous estimate of 2mn by the end of next year, according to reports in news website Benzinga.

The telco is reportedly attributing the downward revision to the severe global recession which has hit Taiwan hard. In order to expand its user base, Chunghwa is planning to offer application services, together with existing video/audio content, according to the report. The company has also decided to deliver services over a Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) in order to increase available bandwidth, and promote its IPTV service through subsidised LCD TVs with built-in set-top boxes.

Chunghwa Telecom saw its IPTV subscriber base fall by 26,000 customers in the third quarter of this year to reach 660,000 by the end of June.