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Thread: tf 3000 coci menu121 dont work

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    tf 3000 coci menu121 dont work

    hi all.. i'm new here but looking for 2 days before posting...

    on my topfield tf 3000 coci the key editor don't work...
    I tryed to upgrade firmware with TFD down and get Error 3 (Communication error with UART.)
    tryed TF3000CI_loader and get Error 6 (Error in system ID. Not compatible firmware with the receiver.)
    but upgrade firmware over astra say that aren't new firmware version...

    now i need help, because i don't know what to try to oped key editor...

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    Re: tf 3000 coci menu121 dont work

    Hi! leanpilar
    You must use only these firmware for the 3000CoCi with softemu

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    Re: tf 3000 coci menu121 dont work

    but I have the same problem....
    when TFD down start downloading after device restart, it says external error occured, and on the reciver E-03....
    which is the correct speed...??? on device properties can set only 115.2k
    I tryed on win7 and XP... and use: _IO Cable_PL-2303_Drivers - Generic_Windows_allinone_PL2303_Prolific_DriverIns taller_v110

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