50,000 Astra2Connect customers
Jörn Krieger

Satellite operator SES Astra has given updated figures for its internet-via-satellite service Astra2Connect: The broadband offering now reaches more than 50,000 customers in 16 European countries two years after its introduction.

According to the company, further distribution partners have been signed up this year in existing markets such as Spain and Poland while the service has also been introduced in new target areas, for example Bosnia and Herzegovina and central and eastern Africa. Astra2Connect also managed to win new customer groups such as maritime companies, energy suppliers and security and logistics companies.

The service, targeted at users without ADSL access, offers a data rate of up to 4 Mbit/s. As the data is sent in both directions via satellite, a telephone line is not necessary for the return channel.

"Our service is flexible and versatile and, not least, available in areas in which other technologies are limited", said Norbert Willems, managing director of Astra Broadband Services, in Luxemburg. "We look forward to the forthcoming year with excitement and are very confident that we will work together successfully with our partners in 2010 and beyond."