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Thread: Spain's DTT for disabled people

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    Arrow Spain's DTT for disabled people

    Spain's DTT for disabled people
    Iñaki Ferreras

    Disabled viewers in Spain are about to get a dedicated digital terrestrial set-top box that is specially engineered for their needs.

    Spain is claiming a worldwide TV ‘first' in specifically catering for the needs of disabled citizens in the country, and in implementing DTT boxes for disabled people.

    The country's National Institute of Communication Technologies (INTECO) has developed an open software solution for box manufacturers, and to enable the software to be adapted for a variety of handicapped users.

    Spain's president José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero underlined that this system makes Spain the first country to implement such technology.

    When the software is included in the equipment it will mean that accessing digital TV via and EPG that can recognise voice or high frequency tones, as well as offering different size text on screen, as well as an access speed which can be personalised, among other benefits.

    The goal of the initiative, according to President Zapatero, is to offer an efficient alternative for old and disable people to easily use DTT without limits.

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    Spain's= DTT for disabled people (

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