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Thread: Gbox Server in building

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    Gbox Server in building

    Hi everybody,

    I'm in sharing since about 2 years with a dreambox 800 and my sharing work very well !!
    about stats :

    d1 : 75
    d2 : +++
    No local card use free exchange

    But I'm registered on many forum and see lot of peoples with their sharing and statistic very bad...
    When i'm started in sharing, I note that with only one peer with a good connection and their channel shared in d2, my gbox decode very well et fast the TV.
    So I wish with few generious peoples to build a big server with all channels in d1 on this server to open the sharing at everybody. (now with my stats, it is not possible)

    In my home I have got a DM800 with a PC every time connected to provide the channel. At is time, I do't have local card !!!

    Lot of peoples will says "easy to ask a sharing when oneself you don't have the local"
    So I ready to buy a local card which this server don't possess.

    My connection is 8Mbit/s

    SomeBody will be interested to allow this server ?


    PS : sorry for my bad english...

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    Re: Gbox Server in building

    Clear your inbox please ...

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    Re: Gbox Server in building

    Quote Originally Posted by 400sgbox View Post
    Clear your inbox please ...
    +1 your inbox is full.

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    Angry Re: Gbox Server in building

    Clear your inbox please ...

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    Re: Gbox Server in building

    inbox cleared

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