Orion= Express allows customers migrate Viva TV on Continent

Orion Express=, operator of Russia's satellite pay-TV platform Viva TV (Express AM2, 80 E, CA Irdeto 2) platform enables clients to go to Viva TV satellite services to receive the new Continent.
It will be broadcast from a different position.

Continent= packet will be broadcast by satellite Intelsat 15 at position 85 degrees east (by 5 degrees east of the current position with the platform Viva TV).
The service will use transponders in the Russian union. Multiplex will work in standard DVB-S2.
The programs will offer high definition (HDTV).

According= to unofficial information, the operator will migrate clients Viva TV on the continent.

In addition to the realignment dish, the customer has to replace its satellite set top box with a new one that will be able to work in standard DVB-S2.
Access cards will remain original.
Information from the broadcaster has not yet been confirmed.

Viva= TV subscribers are limited to receive services during the day.
Satellite Express AM2= is struggling with technical problems and is unable to work 24 hours a day.
Everything indicates that the Express AM2 will be soon replaced by another satellite=.
Dobe7777,,Capacity C-Band Satellite Express MD1 took the same position (80 E) and services in the Ku band gradually moved to other satellites=.