The= Winter Olympics in Russia will be a new sports=channel

By the opening of the Olympic Games in Vancouver VGTRK and the first channel offering viewers a new joint project - a specialized sports channel in HD.

The emergence of a new sports channel on the eve of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver will be good news for sports fans.

The= experience of joint work of two major Russian television helped to establish a modern television technology, and will continue to be used for illumination XXII Olympic Winter Games 2014 in Sochi.

Spent technical and technological solutions will be useful for implementing the program of digitalization of television broadcasting in Russia.

The= uniqueness of the project that the production and distribution of the signal will be used the most advanced HD-technology (High Definition - High Definition TV).
The channel will be distributed in paid networks Russian satellite and cable operators.
At= the same time showing the planned level of the Olympic Games in Vancouver at the open of free channels will remain unchanged.

Given the interest of the market to broadcast in HD, the parties involved in the project confirmed its openness to the market offers in terms of distribution channels.
Among= the potential partners both satellite and cable operators, the work that can be based both on the basis of equal access to the signal, and on an exclusive basis=.