CS LINK= classified into packages Eurosport Sport and my 6=

Company Media Vision, which operates the satellite platform CS LINK, regulating pay-TV offers inclusion program with Czech Eurosport commentary to other packages - Sport and my 6th

Virtually the program receives a greater number of cardholders CS LINK=.

Program Eurosport in the new tariff structures, which were published in mid-September, included only in the TOTAL package.

Program not available to clients package SPORT, which logically fall, so you can not include in its individual package or My 6th

Extension to other packages Eurosport - Sport and my 6 is in agreement= with the owners of TV Eurosport.

With this step, existing customers will automatically extend the Sport package offers a program paid Eurosport station without any back payments and activation.
Sport Package price for the extension of station Eurosport change=.

Customers with an individual program offer My 6 may Eurosport included among the six, who want to track changes to the website operator www.c/s//li//nk.c/z.

Technical parameters of receiving channel Eurosport=:

Satellite: Astra 1G (23.5 E)
Frequency: 11.876 GHz
Polarization: Horizontal
SR: 27500
FEC: 3 / 4
Standard: DVB-S
CryptoWorks encryption (CA system): CryptoWorks
CS LINK access card: CS LINK

Suription package=, Sport, offers Total subsets, can be bought for 180,-CZK per month for an annual subscription or payment via debit or SIPO.
Sport Package now includes station Sport 1, Sport 2 Sport 5, Nova Sport and Eurosport.

Fares= My 6 enables customers to include six stations from any program to your individual Total package for the price of CZK 220per month for payment for subscribers or through SIPO, collection.

Total= package contains 21 programs of various genres (movies, sports, documentaries, children's station, eroticism) at a price of CZK 290 per month=.