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Thread: OSCOM - Monitor for the console

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    OSCOM - Monitor for the console

    OSCOM - Monitor for the console

    I once wrote a super-slim monitor for OSCAM. This monitor can e.g. be used to test an advanced interface to monitor because you can freely enter commands send to the monitor interface.

    The menu is really self-explanatory.

    First, start with [e] the setup and IP, port, enter user and pass
    Then create with [o] the connection. Once the connection is above the text is green. With [s] you can retrieve the status. With [l] (lowercase L), we can start the log. With the Escape button, the log is stopped and cleaned up the console.
    With [c] you can send an Komando e.g. "details <pid>"

    A shortcut to copy, etc. can be reached by right clicking on the title bar.

    The connection to OSCAM is crypted.

    The monitor uses. NET Framework requires or Mono (Mono on Windows, I tested -> funzt)

    If there are Probs just scream

    Thx to Alno


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    Re: OSCOM - Monitor for the console

    New version 17-10-10 by Alno

    - keepalive konfigurierbar (wert muß kleiner sein als clientmaxidle in Oscam) mit [a] wird das permanente Log gestartet und der keepalive gesendet
    - Windows Version Fensterbreite 150 Zeichen
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