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Thread: DM500s Gemini 4.60 GSF Mod

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    DM500s Gemini 4.60 GSF Mod

    DM500s Gemini 4.60 GSF Mod

    The idea came from borsalino?s images and the modifications for greater /var space.
    Unfortunately there were problems installing additional languages, in our case the Greek, and also showing Greek characters on EPG. Some also reported problems in various icons inside the image.

    So, we decided to do something the GSF way…

    Based on the last official Gemini image for DM 500s , 4.60, you can see the additions and fixes below.

    Part 1

    1 ) The Clone bomb is removed. Fully tested on clones.
    2 ) All downloadable languages are fully functional and modded Greek Fonts
    3 ) CCcam 2.1.2
    4 ) Fix for the jerky streaming from the receiver to VLC and also zapstream from Pli has been added.
    5 ) Audio Priority for Greek audio channels if found in channel stream.
    6 ) Ngrab Plugins (Start/Stop)
    7 ) Changed boot and service scanning logo.
    8 ) Some minor fixes

    Part 2

    1 ) GSF Flexy 1.0.6 fully installed with the biggest Greek subtitles database for dreambox use.
    2 ) Drtic 2.2 configured to save subtitles in /tmp
    3 ) Weekly Greek and English program for N?va (Greek Provider)
    4 ) RSS Reader with Greek feeds.
    5 ) New EXCLUSIVE Greek Enigma1 translation. The best and most complete till now.
    6 ) CCCam Info 1.1
    7 ) Teletext
    8 ) Tuxbox Commander
    9 ) Grab for screenshot taking through Flexy


    Use DreamUp to install the image:

    After the installation you have everything described in Part 1 and 2, and you have 68% free var.
    In case of resetting to factory defaults through the receiver you are left only with the Part 1 fixes and additions and also 86% free var. (may come in handy to non Greek speaking users)

    For zapstream use just use VLC and open
    http://dreamboxip:31344 (where dreamboxip is your receivers IP)

    We want to thank mcelliot_g for providing his new Greek translation for enigma1.

    MD5 Hash: 3d60b6192742e0b5c49853dc8c52ab75

    The Greek Sat Freaks Team

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    Re: DM500s Gemini 4.60 GSF Mod

    thanks mcelliot_g

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    Re: DM500s Gemini 4.60 GSF Mod

    katarxhn euxaristw! me to flash wizard mporw na kanw egatastash?

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    Embarrassment Re: DM500s Gemini 4.60 GSF Mod

    Thanks a lot

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