Dump BBC Trust says former BBC boss
Chris Forrester

The agony for the UK public broadcaster BBC continues. Late on Dec 9 Greg Dyke, the broadcaster’s former director general (2000-2004), delivering the Royal Television Society’s important Christmas Lecture, called for the BBC Trust to be abolished.

Dyke argued that the Trust’s responsibilities should be handed over to UK television regulator Ofcom (which supervises all other channels except the BBC). Dyke described the Trust as an expensive, lumbering entity, slow, bureaucratic and expensive to run.

“In any organisation the chairman/CE relationship is all-important and here the structure works against it being effective. Most of all, when the organisation is under attack, as it currently is, the chairman isn't free to defend it as he should because he's really the regulator," Dyke said.

However, as Dyke acknowledged, a change of UK government next year would probably lead to a cut-back Ofcom. Should this happen, he said, then a mini-regulator should be created to look after all publicly-funded broadcasters and including Channel 4 (which is publicly-owned).