France to measure catch up TV in 2011

By Robert Briel
December 11, 2009 07.45 UK

Médiamétrie, the French company responisble for audience measurement, will start to collect catch up TV and VOD data from 2011, according to CEO Bruno Chetaille.

Speaking to Le Point, Chetaille said that at the moment people watch just 10 minutes a day on demand as compared to 3 hours and 45 minutes for regular television watching.

“The broadcasters now want to integrate these figures into the data that we present each morning at 9 am,” Chetaille said. At first only the VOSDAL (View On Same Day As Live) figures will be measured, because these can be included in the current daily figures.

The plan is to start to include the catch up TV figures from January 1, 2011. In order to simplify the measurements, Médiamétrie want to convince the 130 channels in the country to include watermarks with each programme in order to make identification easier.