Advertising views aim for target

Future TV Advertising Forum – London: Two contrasting opinions emerged on Friday as to the direction of television and the advertising that has supported it for the last 50 years.

“People are not moving away from television, they are moving to where they can watch the content, when they want, and we want them to move back,” Mirada CEO José Vázquez told the Future TV Advertising Forum event in London.

Vazquez argued that TV and the web should be presented as part of the same strategy with web banners timed to accompany TV campaigns. “The third or fourth message on TV is useless, but what if we want to show a different ad,” he asked? “There is a problem with the timing between when you feel the emotion and when you transact because it is too long. The behaviour of all the windows should be synchronised because it is too long. You should make the data flow.

Nigel Walley, managing director, Decipher disagreed with the Vazquez premise that an advertisement lost its impact on subsequent plays. “Repetition is good,” he said. “BMW don’t just want the man who is going to buy the car to see it, but the poor man next door”.

Walley attempted to dispel some of the myths that had emerged around the broadcast television experience, telling the audience that soaps such as Coronation Street and EastEnders were pulling the same proportion of kids as they were five years ago.

Decipher research had shown that kids watching on PCs in their bedrooms would often return to the main screen, with or without their parents, because they knew the larger screen offered a better experience.