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Thread: CCcam_2.1.3 + Sbox for Enigma 2

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    CCcam_2.1.3 + Sbox for Enigma 2

    CCcam_2.1.3 + sbox for Enigma 2

    I leave everything below nesecario to walk a dm800 or 8000 or any
    DECOS type using the enigma2
    with CCcam_2.1.3 and sbox 4.4
    within the compressed file you have 2 script
    if you want one for starting the single sbox
    and the other to boot CCcam_2.1.3 + sbox.
    upload files to the DM800 as are seats on the folder you are about to download
    ie the one in the folder etc etc put directly into
    the other in usr / script and you have to give permission 755 to the two script with dcc or something similar
    / usr / bin chmod 755 also
    blanquita put in place
    restarting the DM 800
    starting the script CCCam_2.1.3 + sbox
    to any channel or similar pigital hd ......

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    Re: CCcam_2.1.3 + Sbox for Enigma 2

    thanks you

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