Televisa adds Tedial BPM

Monday, 14 December 2009

Spanish TV group Televisa has opted to implement broadcast business process management using Tedial's Ficus BPM system.

Televisa already operates Tedial's MPM media asset management and Tarsys archival systems. By adding Ficus its intention was to customise the flow of information and content based on commercial requirements, not the limitations of technology. Ficus is being used to manage and automate commercial booking, placing, transfer and transmission, as well as controlling programme production or acquisition.

Using Ficus, Televisa can establish rules by which all processes are fully automated, ensuring that every commercial booking is handled consistently, and every programme tracked from commission to TX. The architecture of the Ficus system includes a simple graphical editor to create new workflows around business needs, with the underlying system implementing technical steps.

"Tedial's technology allows us to integrate all the elements of the system, creating a completely tapeless environment," explained Armando Medina, CTO of Televisa Canales.