CanalSat Web starts streaming to everyone

By Robert Briel
December 15, 2009 15.16 UK

The French CanalSat platform will make its streaming web TV service CanalSat Web available to everyone for a monthly subscription fee of €25. Until now, it was a free add-on to top tier subscribers to the platform.

The streaming web service will remain free to those subscribers, but will also be available to lower tier subscribers for €7 a month; people without a CanalSat subscription pay €25 a month.

CanalSat Web streams more than 80 channels to the computer and includes those that are part of the regular TV bouquet such as Euronews, Discovery Channel, TV Breizh, Game One, Nickelodeon, National Geographic Channel, Tout l’Histoire, Girondins TV and others.

In addition, there are seven channels which are exclusive to the web TV service, namely KZTV, Gong TV, Nat Geo Music, MTV Scan, MTV Shake ton Booty, TeleBob and Dora TV.

CanalSat also offers an ethnic bouquet with nine channels from sub-Saharan Africa retailing for €8 a month.