Mezzo HD launches in March 2010

By Robert Briel

Mezzo has announced its new channel, Mezzo HD, will debut in March 2010, broadcasting 100% native HD programming around the clock.

Mezzo HD promises to broadcast four operas, six classical concerts, two ballets, and four jazz concerts per month; there will be 250 hours of fresh programming and 10 live broadcasts every year. The channel will be programmed completely separately from the existing Mezzo.

In January, Mezzo will also launch its Mezzo VOD service on the French cable operator Numéricable, promising 500 hours of programming, of which over 50% will be in HD. There will be three types of packaging for the VOD service: a la carte (paying per transaction); thematic packages (against a subscription fee) and Full subscription (SVOD, to be renewed each month)

Created in 1996, Mezzo broadcasts 24 hours a day in 39 countries. A total of 16 million households, including 2.5 million in France,subscribe to the service.

Mezzo is owned by Lagardere Interactive and produced in partnership with France Télévisions.