I have configured my CCcam.cfg file to read internal keys and I download Mikame SoftCam.Key file that includes keys for some channels on ABS 75E. However they are encrypted with Irdeto and MDS and only when i use Mgicamd can i unlock MDS but not Irdeto. Is there a certain EMU combination that I must use or is there another CFG file that I need to edit to get this to work?

These are the keys that I see in the SoftCam file but where are the Irdeto keys for the same channels?

F 01901FFF 00 C12345006789AB00 ;STS +7h (75.0E)
F 01901FFF 01 C12345006789AB00 ;STS +7h (75.0E)
F 012C1FFF 00 12345600789ABC00 ;Telekanal Domashniy (75.0E)
F 012C1FFF 01 12345600789ABC00 ;Telekanal Domashniy (75.0E)
F 1BA81BB1 00 85E3359DAF3C9984 ;TV1000 Ru Kino (75E)
F 1BA81BB1 01 B26BD5F224C401E9 ;TV1000 Ru Kino (75E)
F 195A1963 00 C98E287FCD328C8B ;Viasat History (75E)
F 195A1963 01 4B418F1BAA34E8C6 ;Viasat History (75E)
F 190A1B90 00 F9A6690894C58BE4 ;Viasat Explorer (75E)
F 190A1B90 01 CC87CE210770077E ;Viasat Explorer (75E)
F 19001BA6 00 A880E70FF9600C65 ;TV1000 East (75E)
F 19001BA6 01 E877AB0A61BF0C2C ;TV1000 East (75E)
F 00011FFF 00 29C53700F8F46100 ;NTS (75.0E)
F 00011FFF 01 29C53700F8F46100 ;NTS (75.0E)
Any help is appreciated.