Experts gather for BVE 2010

Thursday, 17 December 2009

February's BVE 2010 brings to the UK the latest technology from the major manufacturers, with expert demonstrations and an in-depth seminar programme.

Changes to the broadcast market have created a demand for new strategies, which will all be explored at this year's Broadcast Video Expo (BVE).

'Cloud computing' is looming large for encoding and collaborative content creation, while the union of metadata and storage technologies is now making archiving both profitable and logical. Broadcasters are now preparing 3G infrastructures in preparation for the rollout of 1080p, 3D transmission and a massive increase in network traffic.

To help organisations plan for this future, BVE has brought together the major manufacturers in the market, including Sony, Tektronix, Avid, Apple, Adobe, Panasonic, Canon, Miranda and Snell. There will be demonstrations from these experts on how to reduce operational overheads, automate encoding processes and deliver to mobile, online and on-demand audiences.

Some highlights from the seminar programme include:

* Debates led by Roland Brown of And3 on collaborative production, software-based production, the path to future standards and live digital cinema
* Paul Collard, VP Digital Film, Ascent
* Fiona Maxwell, Director of Operations at ITV Studios Global Entertainment
* Tom Reed, Head of Rigging, MPC
* Sebastian Moeritz, Chair of the MPEG Industry Forum
* Rich Mavrogeanes, CEO, Vbrick