New multiplexes for Finland

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Mobile TV and DTT specialist TeamCast has partnered with the Finnish operator DNA Oy for two new multiplexes which will support HDTV programming.

France's TeamCast Rennes and DNA Oy have confirmed that they will operate two multiplexes in the VHF frequency band. They will use the DVB-T2 standard, the new digital terrestrial broadcasting standard which supports HDTV programmes.

The companies are collaborating on the implementation of solutions for DVB-T2 in Finland, as DNA Oy is the operator selected by the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications in Finland . In this project, TeamCast will be implementing its Demod4-T2 product, a professional-level receiver which provides measurement solutions for DTT signals in realtime, and also supports SFN (Single Frequency Network) mode working.

This new step for T2 in Finland confirms the establishment of TeamCast's DVB-T2 technical solutions in the European marketplace. "We are delighted to participate with our partner DNA Oy who trust us for this important first step towards the deployment of DVB-T2 in Finland," said Serge Mal, Executive Vice President and General Manager at TeamCast.