Euronews= began testing in Turkish -

Pan-European news- channel Euronews launched the technical test of the Turkish language mutation=.
The satellite= Hot Bird 6 (13 E) was involved in the program Euronews another audio track, which will include the program Euronews in Turkish.

Audio track includes a test loop, which in English= and =Turkish languages points to a new language version=.

This will be the ninth language version. That will ensure that the Turkish state television and radio TRT (Turkish Radio Television).

Turkish version of Euronews is made from Lyon in France.

The running version will take care of 20 to 30 permanent employees, including 17 Turkish journalists.
Since the beginning of the Turkish Euronews is available for approximately 17 million Turkish households.
In addition to the satellite program of the local viewers tune in analog and digital cable and terrestrial networks, IPTV and mobile networks.

Technical= parameters

* Hot Bird 6 ( 13E ), freq. 12,597 GHz=, pol. V, SR 27500=, FEC 3/4=, DVB-S=

The European Satellite System Astra (19.2 E) and Eurobird 1 (28.5 E) Euronews broadcasts as well. Euronews began testing in Turkish e currently have Turkish audio track was not involved.

Euronews currently broadcasts now in eight languages - Arabic, English, French,= German,= Italian, =Spanish,= Portuguese= and =Russian=.

The= position of 13 E= is the program Euronews even one new audio track, which suggests that the channel will broadcast even Persian=.