At the end of April=, the market for a new ICE card Skylink=

At= the end of April= next year, the Czech and Slov=ak markets will first access card ICE=Skylink operating system Irdeto .
The new card will receive program services of the platform in the CryptoWorks Irdeto decoders.

Cards= will be universál, a plus for all satellite households.

And= what it looks like the system Irdeto and its involvement in today?
The main station of the new system was installed in Bratislava in early November and has since performed Skylink internal tests on a closed circuit data," says Jaromír Glisník social TradeTec, s platform.

The new system but different from the existing CryptoWorks.
The new system is very different from the currently used CryptoWorks.
ECM generators are located in the multiplexer at the uplink, is carried out centrally, which considerably increases the reliability, security and system flexibility," says Chief J. Glisník.

With these differences, however, also related to the need for a longer time to adjust and test the necessary technical infrastructure, including data related to all Uplink station," he added.

The new system Irdeto PIsys is already prepared for all transponders. " This week we have completed tests on internal systems and prepare PIsysu connection to each transpondérům," describes the next steps the company boss.

Enemy Skylink at the moment is time - the end of the year remains a few days and no interest before the holidays to handle any technical broadcasting.
Given that the only remaining until Christmas week Skylink notes the enormous increase in customer demands, we decided for Christmas to minimize any technical work that could have a negative impact on the functionality and reliability of services.

Project implementation will be from this reason to continue after the New Year, "says the next steps Glisník.

He =said postponing the delivery of new cards to our market. Following the extension of the test as Skylink is also a timetable for delivery of new cards ICE PIsys the Czech and Slov//ak markets. The first delivery of new cards planned for the end April 2010.
Until that time will be delivered CryptoWorks cards," says J. Glisník plans.

The= system Irdeto PIsys (dvojsystém - CryptoWorks 0D96 and Irdeto 0624) is currently involved in several programs at satellite Astra 1G (23.5 ° E), the frequency 11.992 GHz, pol H SR 27500 FEC 3 / 4, DVB -S - namely Viasat Explorer / Spice, Viasat History, JimJam, MGM, Filmbox, Filmbox Extra, Kino= CS.