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Thread: Problems with Gamma Card and Diablo

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    Problems with Gamma Card and Diablo

    Hi all,

    I am completely desperate!! I re-programmed a newly purchased Gamma card with the latest NOVA file.

    Then, I checked the Diablo Cam configuration to make sure priority was set to 1. Card 2. Emu . Also, all CAS are ON.

    I put the Gamma card with the chip facing up into the Diablo Cam, set the receiver in the MGM channel and wait, but nothing clears. I left the card inside the Diablo all night, but this morning there was only a "Scrambled Program" message in the screen, even when doing zapping.

    I am getting to a point where I am feeling I have thrown 75 away. In any case, for the money spent, it is worth trying again. Specifically, can anyone please advice me on:

    1) A NOVA file that is currently working (on 18/12/09)
    2) If anyone knows someone using Gamma Card in a Diablo CAM succesfully?
    3) The Diablo CAM configuration needed for it to read Gamma
    4) Which channel should I leave the receiver on to a/u Nova and how long does it take for channels to a/u?

    Thank you very much in advance for your help,



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    Re: Problems with Gamma Card and Diablo

    hi m8,
    i have read few posts on other forums that a gamma inserted in a diablo cam
    can be the problem, diablo cams and gamma cards have compatability issues
    plus a reboot is needed when changing channels if it works or you could need to use a different file to get the cam to read the card, it's said works in some receivers card slots. what reciever do you have? will it not work in the card slot chip down if it does'nt then the easy cheapest answer is to get a irdeto cam

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    Re: Problems with Gamma Card and Diablo

    thanks benny/9. I have a Fortec Star Innovation HD receiver. The gamma card stills does not work on my diablo cam, so I will probably need to make an extra expense on the irdeto cam, I guess...

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    Re: Problems with Gamma Card and Diablo

    Bye openbox 800 and you will have all the cam that you want

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