DVBDream To MediaPortal Utility Beta (version 1.3)

Version History:
Version 1.3
+Added ability to choose MediaPortal database (for running on another machine)
+Added ability to assign SID to channel number
+Added ability to add SID to channel name

Here is the first public release of my utility to take channels from DVBDream 
and put them in MediaPortal. Using the Replace All Channels should get rid 
of most of the NA EPG issues users were having with the way MediaPortal 
scans. I also find creating favorite groups in DVBDream much easier as you 
can view a channel as you add it to a group. It can also be used for more 
mundane tasks such as backing up your MediaPortal database. Full feature 
list below.

WARNING: Using Replace All Channels will delete all existing channels 
(before adding the channels in the DVBDream CHL file), scheduled 
recordings, channel group mappings, and previously recorded show 
entries in the database (the recording files will still be on your drive).

* MediaPortal TVServer must be running on a SQL Server database
* Microsoft.NET 3.5 framework must be installed
* 4 port DiSEqC (no DiSEqC should also work, 
   I don't think anyone has tested)

Feature Summary:
For Dream:
* Backup your CHL file
* Restore your CHL file
* Assign channels to favorite groups
* Store all your favorites to a "database" (text file), so you can 
  restore them after a re-scan
* See new channels after a re-scan to decide what favorite category 
  they belong in
* Set the current Audio to AC3 on all channels with AC3 streams
* Assign SID to channel number

For MP:
* Backup your TVServer database
* Restore your TVServer database
* Choose the location of your TVServer database (if running on a 
  machine other than the machine MediaPortal is installed on)
* Replace all MP channels with channels from Dream, this includes bringing 
  favorite lists over
* Add HD channels to a HD group (requires the EPG to be populated)
* Sort channels by name or SID
* Set NA EPG channels (pick a random channel on the same transponder 
  as EEPG and EPG2)
* Remove (#) from channels ("PPV (3)" would be renamed to "PPV")
* Try to fix the Network ID in MP using channel information from Dream, 
  less destructive than replacing all channels. This fixes most of the No 
  Data Found issues in the EPG.
* Add SID to end of channel name
* Set channel number to SID