DD series on rural-urban cultural divide from Monday

Indiantelevision.com Team

(19 December 2009 6:50 pm)

NEW DELHI: Doordarshan is to commence telecast from Monday of a new series that aims at emphasizing that the lack of confidence or inferiority complex that people from rural areas face when they come to the metros is totally misplaced.

‘Jhumkie’, will be telecast from Monday to Friday at 12 noon on DD National from 21 December.

The series is produced by Vikas Jain and directed by Ramneesh Madan Puri.

Monica Castelino acts as Jhumkie, and others in the cast include Anang Desai, Gajendra Chauhan, Mihir Mishra, Prinal Oberoi, Renu Pandey, and Vikas Anand.

People living in the villages are often looked upon as uncultured by people living in the metro cities. This daily soap tries to deal with this kind of a dilemma in a subtle manner.