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Thread: whats a c line

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    whats a c line

    hi can some one tell be what a c line is and were i fine it on my dm 8000 thanks

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    Re: whats a c line


    A c line, is the line you received from someone to have access to his server. You can find this line in your cccam.cfg file located in folder /etc of your dreambox 800

    a c line looks like this

    c: youfrienddns port login password

    port can be 12000 or something else

    Hope I helped, if yes click on the balance

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    Re: whats a c line

    i don't have a server
    does it mean i cannot share with u?

    or i can share from my dreambox

    sorry.... i am new

    but if i would like to have a free cline

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