hello there! i just like to warn u because this is what happened to me!
Originally i was going to buy my clone dm800hd from DVBMONKEY but this website which is http://www.dreamboxclones.co.cc/. This website told me not to buy from DVBMONKEY..they told me that if i bought from them instead it would come with 1 year warranty and if my dreambox ever broke or i had problems with it they told me they would fix it or replace it for me without hesitation. Then after 2 weeks in me having my new dreambox from http://www.dreamboxclones.co.cc/ it broke,the power surge tuner problem all the time it kept coming up i didnt know what to do so i contacted them asking for help and advise on why this might have happend, i waited for a reply form them and i did not get one...so i kept emailing them all the time..i did not get any reply from them.I wasted £220 buying a clonebox from this website http://www.dreamboxclones.co.cc/ . I would advise anyone who is thinking about purchasing an item from then to think twice or look somwhere eles.
best regards