What happens after half a year of exploitation of DM800, it is about 2 Dream from 5 months of 2008,
or those modified tuner with the 22uF electrolyte inserted below the tuner by a DMM.
The first image is a measure of internal resistance ESR meter DM800 with built-in 12cm fan, after 18 months
work, as shown in Figure 1.3 OHMAE value is that value just slightly larger than the new one.

On the second picture, you have a tuner from another DM800 who also worked 18 months without any additional cooling
situation is catastrophic, due to excessive internal resistance to his warm-up has increased to 64 OHMAE a capacity
with 22uF fell to 6uF. This all resulted had the famozno TUNE FAILED and the disappearance of the signal, and the inability
šaltanja diseq switches.

How I then advised the half year before the installation of fans, who built it can be careless, who did not state his
Unfortunately, this is who decides to check and replace electrolytes should be careful because there is one tiny resistor of 220 OHMAE
and if not it be I saw him

and another observation, namely that this revolutionary announcements OLED display, has one flaw, the short-lived
Here's a picture and see what it looks like btw zagledajte is in your, you have nothing better

Here are pictures and the first version of tuners REV: J, who is retired DMM and processed subsequently inserted from the electrolyte resistor and 22uF of 220OHMA and lower
Image REV K which is on the board in the manufacture of the SMD added electrolyte.