So as some here might have already heard, certain providers cough ** Swiss ** are supposedly open again, but currently only with the PC-DVB-(S) VPlug Plug-in (e.g. for ProgDVB or DVBViewer).

So besides waiting for something to ~appear~ for Linux (Dream/Reel/VDR), I was wondering if the Underworld/Stealth Team have finally managed to add these "Providers" on all the current CAMs (2.2, 2.3 and Diablo 2.0)

And if not, how much longer must we wait.

Or is the new motto by Duolabs, "If we can't sell "Exclusives" (C*n*x, Ir*d*t*), then we don't need to bother w/updates!?

SRG-HD would be an awesome gift this xmass!