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Thread: Golden Interstar GI-S890HD

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    Golden Interstar GI-S890HD

    Golden Interstar GI-S890HD-V10690-18.12.09 HDTV

    Changes : * SCT (Porno-Erotik) AU EMU fix. (Via2.6) Hotbird 13E, TP 11727 V , enjoy
    * Teletext improved
    * MCAS SmartCard reader improved
    * Mirantenna Irdeto Card activation fix.
    * Nagra2_3 fix.
    * BISS adjustment
    * The character of the file name is broken in case the Recorded files --> Special Character
    * Russian OSD Menu imporved
    * EPG improved
    * Standby Clock Time bug fix.
    * Minor SW bugs fix.
    * WLAN Zigbee OSD Menu : --> Menu
    * Module - CAS - ComPort - Homeshare : Zigbee extern, Zigbee intern, RS232--> Channel 1~16Advice : - Display bright Status : Menu - Module - CAS Menu - RS232 Com Port - NONE- Display dark Status : Menu - Module - CAS Menu - RS232 Com Port - Gbox, Homeshare, HSIC, Xcrypt- CCcam
    * New Function : Server Request--> Old Remote Control : X+ Button--> New Remote Control : Green Button
    * AU update still works
    Please make factory settings after SW update.
    EMU and other CAS Setup`s : Pls. press Menü --> Modules --> RED Button --> Enter 9999 --> CAS menu for EMU and other CAS Setup`s--> EMU Key for Enter Key and Keyreset (Reset) with Yellow Button Memory Setup`s : Menu --> STB Status --> Memory Setup --> Options : Memory Backup and Memory Restore Update : File -->
    OCTAGON_HD_SF918_EMU_AU_PVR_USB_eSATA_V10690__18_1 2_09_HDTV.bin -->
    Pls. copy of USB Stick and update STB !
    Programm list & Setups save direct to USB Stick : --> USB Stick connect to STB,Go Menu - USB Menu --> press INFO Button, Program list + setups save direct to USB Stick
    Premiere Portal (Multifeed) - Button --> OPT+ or also AV+ Master Password : 0918
    Teletext Parental Lock, Password : 0918
    * Advice : For new generation remote Control 2 Buttons changed--> old Remote control : Fine-Tune and X+ Button --> new Remote control : Fine Tune with Red Button, X+ with Green Button
    * Channel hide/skip (HIDE) aktivate/deaktivate Button change--> Pls. press OK button to Ch.List
    * now with REC Button can aktivate/deaktivate HIDE channels--> Password : 9999
    Ethernet LAN / RS232 : CCcam, NewCamd, Gbox, Homeshare, HSIC, Xcrypt, SSSP, Free (X-Box) etc.
    CCcam FAQ : (NEW RCU) Book-Mark Button for CCcam Reconnection ! enjoy

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    Re: Golden Interstar GI-S890HD

    Why post this file? It's for the SF918. And yes it will work on the GI890 since it's the same base soft, but it's crappier than the GI release.

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    Re: Golden Interstar GI-S890HD

    i have this model
    i need the new firmware for emulation of irdeto 2 bulsatcom

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    Re: Golden Interstar GI-S890HD


    I am new to this can u help me please I got goldenintersat gi-801 and would like to flash channel in hot bird can u tell me the steps to do it I will appreciate ur help thanks

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    Re: Golden Interstar GI-S890HD

    Support got GI 890 exists only for Russian market -- it is better to convert it to Next, SAB etc

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