Comcast Corp. customers in the Springfield, Champaign-Urbana, Lincoln and Decatur markets should notice faster Internet speeds, no added charge, based on an upgrade just announced by the cable company.

“We’ll be sending a file to customers’ modems over a period of weeks, or they could get the speeds immediately by resetting the cable modem on the back of their cable box. All of our Internet customers are able to get the faster speeds with no change in monthly prices,” company spokesman Rich Ruggerio said.

The company has been upgrading its Internet speeds nationwide and now has reached about 65 percent of its markets.

Ruggerio said existing customers who have six megabytes of download speed would automatically go to 10 MBs, those at 10 would go to 16.

As part of the residential upgrades, the company also introduced an “extreme” upgrade to 50 MBs for a basic prices of $99.95 a month and an “ultra” package of up to 22 MBs for $62.95 a month.

A business version is scheduled for introduction in January at a cost of $189.95 a month.

Ruggerio said the upgrades are intended to meet the increased demand for online viewing of cable programs, video gaming, high-resolution photo downloads and similar services.

Comcast has about 2 million customers in Illinois, including the Chicago, Springfield, Peoria, Champaign, Rockford, Decatur, Lincoln and Quincy markets.