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Thread: Whiich receiver use

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    Whiich receiver use

    watch free channel
    I live in italy I wann to watch free indian channel Pakistani English etc Starplus Sony
    Geo news BBC NEWS Cartoon network nation geografic sports channel,
    What i do? and which receiver use
    Tks 4 u for Corpration

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    Re: Whiich receiver use

    dm500s hooked up to a free/pay server for c/s. google cs to give yourself an idea of whats involved

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    Re: Whiich receiver use

    Octagon SF918 HD PVR & Vantage 221 USB

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    Re: Whiich receiver use

    What is Twin Tuner Receiver? I want to buy a receiver THE CROW which decrypt the Channel without any internet connection and computer... is there any possibility for such STB to buy... or not so Please advice that which is the NO.1 receiver these days to buy.. Thanks..

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    Re: Whiich receiver use

    A twin tuner means the you record sky and watch bbc example. The crow its a not a good reciver cuz you need to set it at the w5 satelite then it descarmble some channels

    But i reccomond a Dreambox 800hd it dont have twin tuner but HD support for 130 euro a year you get all channels open by cardshare and internet connection

    twin tuner means watch two channels at same time

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