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Thread: Skystar HD2 No Signal

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    Skystar HD2 No Signal

    Hello everyone. I have a DVB card SkyStar 2 HD and recently bought DVBViewer Pro. I used the new program for 2 days and it worked perfectly then I downloaded new skins for DVBViewer I copied in the application's folder and when I tried to change to another skin DVBViewer blocked for several seconds and then had no signal. I restart the program thinking that signal will return but my card have no more signal, I tryed other DVB programs but still nothing, I reinstalled Windows, I installed the card to another computer but I couldn't get any signal at alll. My LNB is working fine the signal is ok tested with another receiver but no signal on my skystar. What could be the problem? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Skystar HD2 No Signal

    Same problem, but have card 2 years. Suddenly no signal. Reinstall windows, change pci slot, same thing no signal. Tested with progdvd, dvbviewer, mediaportal...
    Is my card gone?
    Johnny86, did you slove your problem?

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    Re: Skystar HD2 No Signal

    Yeah i guess you have the same problem, and couldn't do nothing to solve it. Sorry i think this card can't be fix.

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    Re: Skystar HD2 No Signal

    I THINK YOUR TUNNER is gone , or eprom is goine (the use of emulation can do this!!) so the best try to change the tuner i think it is philips ..or if you cant bring it ton an sat box repair station he will find n solution!

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