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Thread: Tuto unlooper 5030 modificado plus

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    Tuto unlooper 5030 modificado plus

    J m newbee in programmation .

    I read lot of post about V7.1B pragrammation .. but i have lot of questions ...

    j ve just by a 5030 Modificado PLUS ( with 4 Dips and 1 cavalier S1 ) in italy - but it is impossible for me tu use it ?

    My card is a V7.1B card

    I have these problems : ( I just buy my unlooper and i dont know if it woks)

    1- Com impossible - no ATR
    I try to tunr my condensator .. without success

    J try to program my amtel with ATMEL-xpflasher2.0 and I have no error - Does it mean that my Xilinx is programmed ?
    When I mesure Voltage J have 4.90 V dns 3.25 V insted of 5 V dans 3.33 V => Is it important

    I try my card with a phoenix CAS 3 and insbuilder => I have un ATR

    Unlooper is new for me, is there a soft to test it ?

    Can you help me and send me is possible a tuto for unlopper PLUS and management V7.1 B ?

    Best regards

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    Re: Tuto unlooper 5030 modificado plus

    Hi friend:

    The unlooper's word is some dificult, but very interesting.

    I hope this Tuto (Manual) can help you.

    Wellcome.[URL=" 5"]

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    Re: Tuto unlooper 5030 modificado plus

    No Tuto, but you need to do the following, and also note which unlooper you have. I think it maybe version 5030 'modificado?' ?

    1. Cut a trace on the bottom of the pcb. I forget which one exactly. Only on 5030 modificado !! not on other pcb!!
    2. Atmellflasher only program the Atmel. Not the xilinx. so you need to program the Xilinx as well.
    3. Testing.. You can test with ZZbug script if you get the ATR/card detection otherwise i've no idea how to test it :)

    The unlooper only responds with data if the combination of Xilinx + Atmel code is ok.
    Otherwise, no atr..

    Seems your main problem is #2, program the Xilinx.
    Back when i begin with it, you need some big download from Xilinx website. Later i find a small tool to do it on XP. Try the following files: for the atmel/xilinx combo files. (includes soft to program the xilinx, really small in dos.) for all the details and files you need :)

    Good luck.

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