Iran expands world TV broadcasts with new channel

by Andy Sennitt.

Iran has opened “Sahar-2″ international television channel broadcasting programmes in three languages, English, Kurdish, and Urdu, Fars news agency reported on 31 December.

Fars said Ezzatollah Zarghami, the head of the radio and TV organization, inaugurated Sahar-2 TV channel.

It quoted Zarghami as saying: “The reason for the soaring increase in the number of audiences of the foreign services of the Iranian radio and TV networks was because people of the world increasingly do not trust the biased and one-sided news and reports disseminated by Western media and the regional channels that toe their lines.”

“Sahar-2 TV network will broadcast 19 hours of programmes in three languages, English, Kurdish and Urdu, and Sahar-1 airs programmes in French, Azari, and Bosnian,” Fars news agency added.