RT launches 24/7 broadcasting in Spanish

by Andy Sennitt.

RT (Russia Today) launched a channel in Spanish via satellite on 28 December 2009, and will be on the air 24 hours a day. RTís Spanish service adds to its lineup of existing TV news feeds in English and in Arabic.

The channel broadcasts from Moscow via satellites IS9, Hispasat 1D and the satellite television system Digital+. Millions of viewers across Europe, North and South America have access to its free-to-air signal.

RTís Spanish programming takes into account the time difference across various time zones and all news bulletins are run at morning or evening prime-time in Madrid, Mexico, Buenos Aires, Miami, Los Angeles and New York. RT Spanish is set to deliver news on politics, business and sports, reports on developments across the globe and in Russia, as well as important interviews and unique viewpoints often not covered by other media worldwide.

Said RTís editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan: ďWe have no doubt that our feed in Spanish will reach a vast amount of viewers from the Spanish speaking audience across the globe, and will be in demand as much as our English and Arabic services. Viewers want to watch different kinds of news stories, which no other media sources dare to cover. Iím sure that Latin America will gladly take our feed, and if we join the US cable network, then the Spanish-speaking audience will benefit. We present news reports that are often absolutely different from the international mainstream media.Ē

At present about 200 employees work at Spanish RT, including 35 journalists from Spain, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Bolivia and the USA. Among them there are well-known correspondents and presenters who have worked for the largest European and Latin-American Channels such as TVE in Spain, TVN and Canal 13 in Chile, TV Azteca in Mexico, CNN Espanol and Telemundo.